Sunday, December 8, 2013

24 Days to an Album

If I can solidify the presets for one track, it should (in theory) make mixing the others very easy. So that is what I set out to do today. I have been working on making the kick and snare drum work more cohesively with each other, and getting all the vocal tracks together and leveled. I was having some trouble with the kick drum's attack being too short. The result was very punchy, but ultimately lacked depth. I went to the source to see if I could fix the problem... the samples.

We made the kick drum samples before we started tracking. The insert chain on the sample tracks had some extra compression and EQ, so I removed some inserts to give the kick more natural response. The result can be heard in the DEMO below. Also on the preset chopping block were the vocals. The biggest necessity was to get the levels balanced and give them a preset. I used an 1176LN compressor and LA-2A limiter on each vocal track, then on the vocal group, used a buss compressor and the Nectar 2 plugin for EQ, FX, saturation, De-ess, gate, and delay. I split the clean and heavy vocals into different groups and used a bit more saturation and FX on the heavier vocals. Take a listen.

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