Friday, December 13, 2013

20 Days to an Album

Most of today was spent going through more tracks. I have noticed that I've been more and more indecisive on how I want to do the vocal tracks. At first, I was dividing the heavy, clean, and FX tracks into separate groups and applying processing to the group and then sending those groups to a vocal buss for compression. Though, going through some later tracks I found it easier to just apply the any EQ, saturation, delay, reverb, etc., to the individual tracks, then just do the final buss compression on one group. THEN there was another track where I put compression on each track BEFORE the EQ, saturation and other processing. That sounded the best, but the compression was bringing out the worst in the plosives and "esss's". So, the result is I have 4 or 5 tracks now bounced down using different grouping and compression methods. The results are all very similar, but ultimately I need to decide on one method and stick with it. Right now I think I am just working out which is the best route to take. There are so many ways of getting to the same result, and if these were relatively simple vocal tracks, it would make it pretty easy, but the style differences between the screaming and singing make it almost impossible to use the same processing for both. The goal is to have both sound like the same source and most importantly, be cohesive. The goal tomorrow is to get the rest of the tracks bounced down to stereo mixes, and get the vocal situation sorted out. Tomorrow is the last full day I have before I need to get the tracks over to Anthony. Crunch time.

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