Sunday, July 8, 2012

Glassjaw Review!

Aside from the torrential downpours, the long wait on line outside (thanks to that jerkoff that stabbed someone the night before at CBGB Fest!), and the usual douches in the crowd (you know...the ones that spend more time talking about their weekend with their friend during the set or recording every single moment of the show with their goddamn phone?), last night's show was amazing!

Before the band started, I saw people all around me yawning and falling asleep where they stood.  As soon as the lights went down, everyone found their second wind and was singing and dancing along to "Worship and Tribute" in its entirety.  The songs were flawless and definitely struck a chord with many folks.  I actually spent a lot of the time watching people on the balcony passionately singing along instead of watching the band to be honest!  That was probably because the tallest people were in front of me and made it impossible for me to even see the band BUT who cares?

Glassjaw played "Worship and Tribute," then left the stage but came back for a 2 song encore.  The show ended a little after 2am with the band playing over an hour (a little short but still pretty standard for them).  I heard a lot of cranky fans in the audience complain about this but I honestly couldn't complain.  The show was solid, the band delivered on their promise to play the album in its entirety, and even had some treats thrown into the mix (like the extra songs at the end, unique merch to commemorate the anniversary, and screenshots on a projector screen prior to the set of what looked to be a new contract with their record label Warner Bros).  And keep in mind...It was past 2am!

In true NYC post-show form, Anthony and I hit a diner up for some late night grub and then headed home.  All in all, a unique experience that I feel lucky to have been part of!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Late Night Concerts

WOW! I disappear from this blog for a few months and the entire Blogger layout does a 180 on me! Apologies for being so distant, loyal readers. We at RO3 Audio have been extremely busy recording, photographing, and mastering away!

I (Gina) am writing this on a late Saturday night. When Anthony wakes up from his evening nap (that makes him sound like an elderly vampire, no?!), we'll be heading into NYC to see Glassjaw perform at MIDNIGHT! You see, Glassjaw is playing their legendary album "Worship and Tribute" in its entirety on its 10th anniversary. The original show (scheduled for tomorrow evening at 8pm) was sold out almost immediately. Ticket buyers also had some MAJOR issues buying tickets for this show due to Bruce Springsteen tickets going on sale at the same time (what an a-hole!). To make up for this crap, Glassjaw decided to add ANOTHER anniversary show into the mix on Sunday at 12:01am. And we were lucky enough to score a pair of tickets!

I just heard Anthony's alarm clock scream through the apartment so I can only assume we'll be heading out shortly. I'll try to post my thoughts on the show for you all soon.

In the meantime, what are your thoughts on late night shows? Do you think this is a new trend that we'll see emerge?