Tuesday, December 10, 2013

22 Days to an Album

Today was more productive than I expected it to be. I applied all the current presets to one more track, Ubiquitous Gaze. This song was a bit more complicated than the last few only because of the different vocal layers and FX. I ended up creating 3 vocal groups; Vocal Clean, Vocal Heavy and Vocal FX. The first two were almost identical except the Heavy one had some added elements to overdrive it a bit more. The FX group had extreme EQ to create the filter effect heard in the verse around 0:40. Then it was a matter of sorting which phrase needed to be sent to which group, which meant organizing track sends and then balancing it all out. There was even some automation necessary on the group for a long decay on a screaming part.

I also ended up re-tracking some guitars at the end to rearrange the outro. Before there were the two "groove" guitars panned left and right and one lead octave guitar in the center. So instead I put two rhythm tracks playing the chords panned left and right and the "groove" track in the center. I think it sounds much more balanced.

All in all, I think this track sounds the best so far. I even tweaked the EQ on the snare drum to be more surgical and corrective than musical. The result is a fuller sound bottom end on the snare which cuts through the mix better. Take a listen!


Tomorrow is a production meeting with the band and Anthony to go over some final changes that need to be made. If I have enough time, I'll get another track up.

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