Saturday, December 14, 2013

19 Days to an Album

Well it is Friday, and the focus of today was to get all the tracks mixed down. I applied all the current presets and vocal processing to each track, while keeping in mind that some songs will need a few tweaks of said vocal presets. For the most part though, they were a good starting point and offered the cohesion needed between tracks. It took a while to mix down everything to stereo. I probably spent a good 30-45 minutes on each track going through and removing silences and guitar noises, applying crossfades and fade outs where necessary, then getting a final overall mix.

I came back to the mixes hours later to take a final listen and jot down some notes for each song. I will go back once more and apply these minor fixes and then the tracks are in Anthony's hands. I'll have another sample up tomorrow. For now, enjoy the short, but sweet, Enticing the Tyrant.

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